Artistic Statement:

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I am a creature of creation. I love to create melodies, lyrics, art, pictures, and anything else that moves me on any given day. Most importantly I like to create inspiration. I am both a model and a musician and I use my art to inspire people to follow their dreams. As a person who lives with both mental illnesses, anxiety and depression, as well as a lifelong chronic physical illness, Type 1 Diabetes, I inspire others to live their dreams by overcoming the obstacles in my life. I believe in self care as a main focus of my art. I make music as a way to soothe my anxiety and I share my music to show others that they are not alone.

I am a girl from from New Jersey who has always had eyes bigger than my stomach and believes that by taking on as many projects as I can, I will be able to reach as many people as I can. I am a model who is considered plus-size by the industry, but that has not stopped me from modeling for companies such as Target and JCPenney. I have also modeled with my insulin pump showing for swimwear companies such as Malia Mills. Modeling with my “robot parts” showing is both empowering for me and for the millions of girls who have grown up without girls who look like us to look up to. I believe in body positivity and what that means for me is putting the term “healthy” above “skinny”. There are people who are skinny and unhealthy and there are people who are not skinny, but they are healthy. I live a life that emphasizes striving for physical and mental health as the most important thing because without my health, nothing else matters.

I write about my struggles and my triumphs in both my blog and my music. When people read my words I hope that they understand that they are not alone. When I write about my life, sometimes it is very hard for me, but it is also very cathartic. I tell myself that I am able to help just one person, it is important to share my story (even if sometimes that one person is me). I begin writing after I go through an experience where I either feel alone or I feel like I wish someone had told me that everyone goes through this same pain. When I write, I use words that are both raw and authentic, but also aim to be inclusive and inspiring in my art. I have grown up being told that my illness would not allow me to do certain things, that it is a restriction. I create art in order to show people that everybody has restrictions one way or another and once you own your circumstances, they no longer have any power over you. I am more powerful than my disability and my art reflects the heart of a fighter.