To Show My Pump | Not To Show My Pump

It has been my mission for a while to get people to recognize all different bodies in the modeling industry. There has been a revolution of including plus size (I prefer the term curve so I will use that from here on out) models in mainstream work. My next mission as a model is to show all different types of bodies in the industry, not just bodies that come in different sizes, but also bodies that may need a little extra help. I would love to see pace makers and breathing tubes and surgery scars and wheelchairs  and insulin pumps and EVERYTHING in the modeling world! Without my insulin pump, my body doesn't function. My insulin pumps acts as my pancreas, an organ in my body that does not release insulin the way that it is supposed to. So therefore, that pump is a part of my body so I should be able to show it. I think the same way that Aerie did the campaign where they did not retouch models, there should be shoots where models should not have to take their medical devices. Let's do it!