What My Mom Means To Me

On Mother's Day it is easy to get caught up in the "I know my mom's not on instagram buuuuut... here's why she's the best mom ever" posts. Some people get mad, some people say how insensitive it is to the people who have lost their mom or to people who are great despite their mom, but I've never been a "hate on the happy people" kind of gal. You know the girls in your group who are like, "Oh you post so much about your boyfriend so you guys must truly be unhappy because you need to post about him all the time"? Yeah maybe... OR I'm just incredibly happy and like to share my happiness, believe it or not you don't have to be cynical to live in 2018. So on this Mother's Day, I posted! Just like I always do. I posted about how much I love my mom with some cute throwback pics and a picture of her where she emulates her strength and beauty all by herself because after all she is still a badass woman, despite being a wife and mother. However, when I write about my mom I try to avoid saying things like "the best mom ever" or anything else that feels disingenuous to me. I inherited a lot of great things from my mom, but I also got some of her traits that aren't as admirable. That's life and I would be shocked to hear that anyone does not feel the same way about their mother or father. I have her insecurity (especially about body issues) and her anxiety and her eagerness to please. Do I wish I was those things? No. Would I trade them for the world and risk genetically being made into a different person from a different mom? Absolutely not. My mom has been there for me for my entire life as the definition of hard work and persistence and always trying to do the right thing. We were not super close when I was younger, but as I've grown up I've grown to appreciate all that she has done for me and sacrificed for me and I love being her daughter and trying to be the best that I can be for her, even when she's giving me those mom eyes that make me feel like I instantly need to lose ten pounds or cut my hair or something. That being said, the thought of living without my mother for two seconds makes me immediately want to break out in tears. I text her anywhere from 300-400 times a day and her advice is like straight up crack to me. Mother-daughter relationships are complicated (to say the least) and I am happy to celebrate every aspect of our relationship on this and every mother's day.