How I Met My Future Husband

On March 28, 2017 Carrie Lane Pearlman walked into GIPHY Studios for a shoot in Hollywood with her mom, Lorraine. Michael Bruno, a director at the company, wasn't originally assigned to Carrie's shoot that day, but a last minute change would prove to change both of their lives forever.

Immediately struck by Carrie's beauty, but wanting to remain professional, Michael began to make small talk with Lorraine as a way to pique Carrie's attention. His hunch was right- he quickly learned that she was also from the east coast. He went on to find that Carrie was from the great state of New Jersey. In fact, from a town (Montclair) very close to his own hometown (New City) in Rockland County, New York. 

Michael's plan worked as Carrie quickly chimed in and began to ask more about Michael's upbringing, where she learned that the two had many mutual friends, had undoubtedly crossed paths in the past, and that both had attended NYU. Both of them (minus Lorraine) got a good laugh that it was over a decade apart. 


Michael has said that the moment he realized that Carrie was special was when he gave a direction to her during the shoot and she very confidently replied, "I'll have to give that some thought and get back to you". In the hundred shoots that he had done at that point, he hadn't met someone with such poise and control. 

As the shoot wrapped, Michael said that he would like to come see Carrie play a live show sometime to which Carrie replied she had an upcoming show (the next day) that she said she'd like for him to come to. 

Michael expressed that he would reach out to her publicist via email to see if he was available for the show. Carrie explained that it would be easier to just text her directly and gave him her phone number instead.

After, Carrie and Lorraine went to lunch and Michael waited (all of) 45 minutes to text her. Although, Carrie was very eager to get to know him better (she claimed to her mother immediately when they got in the car that there was something special about him) she was very cautious to proceed further. Luckily, Michael spent the better part of the next few weeks showing her his true character and proving to her that truth and true love still does, in fact, exist.

On April 19, 2017 Carrie Lane Pearlman agreed to go on her first date with Michael A. Bruno and the two have been inseparable ever since. 

*****The groom would like to note that the bride's GIF pack has 33 million views and counting.