Let's Get Real On Medication Costs

Every single time I go to the pharmacy I want to cry. It's not even a selfish cry either. Do I struggle to afford my medication? Sometimes. Am I lucky enough to have a family that helps support me and pay or my illness? Yes. The tears that come when I go to the pharmacy are honestly when I think about the people that can not afford to get the medication that they need to stay alive. The people who work multiple jobs just to afford a prescription that keeps them breathing. The people that have to buy expired medications and supplies in order to get by, not knowing what potentially harmful side effects they are enduring because of them. Here are the facts about my medication, a medication that I thank God every day that I am fortunate enough to afford. 



-This little tiny bottle of medicine which I need to stay alive costs $175

-It will last me a few weeks

-And I HAVE insurance. Good insurance.

-This medicine is a part of 6-7 different supplies I need to test my blood sugar and operate my insulin pump.

Anyone else see a problem here?