Coping with T1D


I was recently asked some questions on my Instagram about how I cope with my Type 1 Diabetes and how I remain positive on a daily basis and I felt the need to write about it for you all. 

The truth is- I am not always positive. I have my down days, I have my diabetes burnouts, and I have often felt defeated. It is very important to talk about the fact that I feel all of these things because my first way of coping is knowing that these feelings are all completely normal and that anyone who is living with a chronic illness feels like this sometimes (anyone who tells you any different is not telling the truth). 

Once I am able to accept the fact that it is OK to feel down sometimes, then I work through these emotions. I have some creative outlets that I use in order to deal such as writing or singing, but sometimes these outlets just don't work and that's okay too! Sometimes I need to cry, sometimes I take really long showers and just stand there by myself and let myself get angry at the world. Sometimes I ask myself "why did this happen to me" or breakdown because "it's not fair!!!" and those are all completely okay and important feelings to have because I know they are all temporary. On some days I have to try one of these things and I feel better and on some days nothing seems to work. Those days happen for me too and when they do I keep trying different ways to get through it until something clicks. 

Once I have gotten through this stage of frustration or sadness, then I am able to pick myself up and move on. That might sound completely bogus or impossible for you, but trust me that feeling will come where you are able to say to yourself, "okay you can do this". Sometimes that feeling won't come for days or weeks or months or maybe even years! And that is okay too, just know that that feeling will come. You will get through the hard times and you will continue to shine and knowing that is how I stay positive. I know that once I make it back to where I shine that I will be inspiring others and helping them to get through their bad days and that for me is always worth it. 

And you are always worth it. Always. Fight through the bad days and the hard times because a life with T1D or whatever you may struggle with is hard and tricky and frustrating, but it is also completely worth it.

Love you all. 

xo C