Sleek Treat Review

It is no secret that I have never stuck to a diet in order to keep my blood sugars under control (many many people do and I admire that they are able to do that, so just keep in mind that this is my personal experience!). Diets have never worked for me because I am always super strict about them and then end up binging and feeling guilty and worse than before. I do, however, know that keeping a low carb diet can be super helpful in maintaining in range blood sugars for diabetics. So I try to keep some low-carb snack options around the house for in between meals so I am not just a total carb monster and sending my blood sugars on a roller coaster every day.

Sleek Treat is a monthly subscription box that provides 5-8 quality low-carb snacks delivered right to your door. Everything is diabetic friendly, shipping is free, and you can cancel or change your subscription at any time. The company is super helpful and lovely to the T1D community and they provide lots of information about the companies that they provide snacks from and where the food comes from and if you're like me-- that's super important to know! 


I decided to try the Sleek Treat box because I am a fan of sampling things, simple as that. I love when you go to Sephora and earn points and get free testers. Do you fall in love with every single product that they give you? No. But if you find one thing that you love and you add to your routine, I consider that a win. It also is super daunting to buy an entire package of something you have never tried before because if you don't like it, the rest of the box is just going to go to waste and as a diabetic, cost effective ways of managing an already very expensive disease are of upmost importance.

The box came with 7 different treats that I have to say were all for the most part super delicious. There was a wide range from salty to sweet and I loved just having the box on my kitchen table and when I wanted to go grab an unhealthy snack from the cupboard, I looked in the box and was able to select from a wide range of items that curbed my appetite. 


My favorite: I have always been a salty snack kind of girl and I loved the crunchy Intakt cheese lover bites. I also really like Quest cookies and had tried them before outside of Sleek Treat, but really enjoyed the chocolate flavor- the cookies are big and filling and a great snack option when you're craving something sweet. I also love that they include candies/gummies which are great for your kids to feel like they're getting a "normal" kid friendly snack. Oh and after years of eating terrible pharmacy sugar-free chocolate- Curly Girlz Candy Sugar-Free Pecan Brittle is ah-mazing.

Takeaway: This box is definitely worth the investment if you're looking to discover new low carb treats and brands that you might be hesitant to try just shopping at your grocery or health food store. If you don't have access to a grocery store that has a lot of low carb options or only has your standard Atkins etc. then this is an amazing way to find more delicious choices (and then you can online shop for more!). I found a few brands that I loved and went to check out some of their other snack options. Sleek Treat has helped me to stock my cabinets with more low carb snacks than before, which is a win for me and for my health

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