When I got my test results back from LetsGetChecked I was so excited! They came in just a few days after I had sent my blood tests to the lab. I decided to do the vitamin test because I had recently started a pretty strict vitamin regimen as part of my treatment plan with my psychiatrist for my depression and anxiety. I learned earlier in the year when I was hospitalized that I was incredibly low on Vitamin D. After moving back to the east coast during the winter and out of the California sunshine, I wasn’t surprised. However, when I learned how low that my levels are and how they could be affecting many other parts of my body, I knew that I had to take my vitamin deficiencies more seriously. 

I learned from my psychiatrist that having the right amount of magnesium, biotin, Vitamin D, folate, and B12 (and many more) are VITAL when it comes to your mental health. Not only are they naturally designed to help boost your mood by helping your body to operate in a more healthy way, they are also an assistant to your mental health prescriptions. For example, if you are taking an anti-depressant, it will not absorb as well into your body if your vitamin levels are not properly balanced. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.23.42 AM.png

Although my test results showed that my Vitamin D was still below the recommended amount. I was able to check my blood results from the hospital in February and saw how much higher they have come. I used these results to call my psychiatrist and ask her if I should continue with the dose of Vitamin D that I am currently taking or whether she thought I should go higher. I was also pleased to inform her of my folate and B12 levels, as I have been taking supplements for those levels too.

Being able to manage my health right from home is a huge plus for me. As a diabetic, I spend a LOT of time in doctors offices and sometimes I don’t have the time to add frequent lab visits into the mix. Being able to check in on my vitamin and other health levels in between my appointments (especially when I’m traveling) gives me piece of mind and allows me to track my health. I loved using LetsGetChecked for just this reason and would recommend it to anyone who is committed to making a healthy lifestyle a priority!

You can get 15% off all their vitamin tests here with my code: CLANE15. They also have a wide range of tests for women’s health, men’s health and general wellness to choose from.